About Us

Bleed Nation was created for YOU! You are important and you count! We want to know about you and what gives you that sense of excitement that makes you feel like superman or superwoman. Bleed Nation champions continual love and passion by giving athletes, musicians, fans, and dreamers the chance to show just who they are through our innovations of apparel and accessories. Let there be no mistake and let the world know, “This is what drives me, This is what lives inside of me, This is me…”! 


So for the little boy playing in the street, shooting hoops until mom says it's too dark, the little girl that pitches a softball to dad until his back hurt from catching for hours,  the veteran that put it all on the line for his or her country even when he or she thought they had no fight left in the tank, the fan that has a divot in his or her couch from religiously watching their favorite sport, the store manager that cried as they watched the collapse of Veteran Stadium because of their love for the Eagles, the cowgirl that rides on the back of daddy’s tractor with a piece of hay in her mouth singing a Chris Stapleton song, the trucker that loves everything Philly, the kid that never had the height or ability to post up someone the likes of a Kobe, or make three pointers like Steph Curry, but knows the game of basketball so well that he or she could draw up a winning game plan in their heads that would make a professional coach stutter, the girl that plays the guitar until her fingers are raw, all because dad took her to a Guns N’ Roses concert when she was younger, the backup dancer for Janet Jackson that danced to house music all night with a flashlight when there was no electricity, the athlete that puts in endless hours training day and night, giving the best whether a great game or not all while being judged,  the retired athlete that was told that his or her playing days are just washed up memories, the grandfather watching his grandson play baseball and reminiscing about the time he threw a no hitter, mom watching her daughter score the winning soccer goal, chuckling to herself that she's lucky I wasn't the goalie, the girl that would wrestle in the backyard with her older brother, now she’s the state champ, the guy serving hotdogs outside of TD Gardens wearing a green jersey because he grew up watching Larry Bird,  the artist that would write your own songs since you were ten and now, you’re selling out stadiums,

the college kid that’s known for freestyling random topics for his friends in front of the Student Center,  the surfer that lives in LA and waits for the ultimate wave because you love everything LA.

You are our customer; you are our family. YOU ARE BLEED NATION! This is who we are! Who are you? Show us, who are you?

Stand up straight, look in the mirror and look yourself directly into your eyes and be proud and be bold and say: "THIS IS ME..."